Druženje – #2 Java Zagreb Meetup

global_456778650Ove godine osnovana meetup grupa Java Zagreb koju HUJAK podržava, održat će 23. ožujka u HUB385, Petračićeva ulica 4 u Zagrebu, već drugi meetup s dvije zanimljive teme koje vam donosimo u nastavku:

Scala for people who mostly like Java – Marko Elezović

So, you’ve heard of Scala, and would like to find out more.The regular information channels such as the interwebs may not be that useful, for multiple reasons. Scala is too esoteric for our local enterprises which are (de facto) driving language adoption.  So why are some companies stupid/brave enough to adopt Scala? There is a bunch of Scala zealots online who think they’ve seen the light and are writing awfully nice things about Scala.  The problem is that they are (largely) ignoring or diminishing some of Scala’s pitfalls when it comes to developing real-world line-of-business application. Or something that will end up in production. Probably running on WebSphere.

Java Puzzlers No 2. – Luka Marasović

Inspired by the success of the Java Puzzlers by Aleksandar Dostić on the first Java meetup, we continue with this practice of providing a food for thought also on this occasion. This time puzzling questions exploring mysteries and wonders of Java language will be presented by Luka Marasović. As always, come, listen, have fun, solve puzzles and check how good you do or do not know Java language.

Vidimo se na meetupu!

Meetupi u Zagrebu

global_456778650U Zagrebu je krajem 2016. osnovana nova Java meetup grupa nazvana jednostavno Java Zagreb koju vode Marko Juričić, Ivica Obestar, Lovro Pandžić i Petar Dučić iz našeg člana Infobipa.

Prvo okupljanje pod nazivom First Java Zgb official Meetup – Few talks + Few beers najavljeno je za 26. siječnja 2017. u 17:30 na adresi Olimp, Zadarska 80, Zagreb, a predstavit će dva predavanja:

  • Making Spring Data JPA Run – Milan Mimica
    Spring Data JPA is cool. Really neat and cool. It’s just that one thing… it’s slow. How slow? Well, probably not slow enough for most usages. I guess it was written under the assumption that relational databases are generally slow, so no one will notice how slow Spring Data JPA really is. But we are using it in a very special way. So, we’re special, and Spring Data JPA is slow. We’ll make it faster together.
  • Java Puzzlers – Aleksandar Dostić
    We aren’t sure about you, but working with Java 8 made one of the speakers to stop shaving and the other lose his sleep. We’ll show you some surprising, bizarre and inconceivable parts of Java and make sure that you won’t be (too) surprised when it hits you in production. As any other puzzlers talk, this session will consist of lots of puzzling questions, answers by the audience, t-shirts flying around (kidding) and a lot of fun (for sure), all for one purpose – to make you understand Java better.

HUJAK podržava Java Zagreb meetup grupu i namjerava posjetiti njihova okupljanja te poziva sve svoje članove i simpatizere da im se pridruže, a ovim putem im želimo i puno uspjeha u organizaciji budućih okupljanja.

Osim toga u Zagrebu se već neko vrijeme okuplja i meetup grupa GDG Zagreb koja na svojem sljedećem okupljanju 12. siječnja 2017. u 18:00 u klubu Mama, Preradovićeva 18, Zagreb, donosi dva predavanja:

  • Dockerizing Java/GUI Applications – Josip Maslać
    One of the main founding ideas of Docker is to achieve that the environment used for application development is as similar as possible to the production one. That’s not a simple task when development consists of using GUI applications (such as Eclipse). Josip played a bit and has managed to create such a setup. In this talk he will briefly explain the motivation behind it, obstacles he encountered and experience he’s gained working on that solution.
  • Terminal tips’n’tricks – Robert Petranović
    Robert will show a short demo how to deploy home setup (.bashrc, .vimrc, .tmux.conf, bash complete…) to multiple servers in a heartbeat!

Ako ste zainteresirani ovim putem vas pozivamo da im se pridružite.

Javantura – Call for Speakers otvoren još 2 dana

Poziv predavačima za konferenciju Javantura v4 koja će se održati 11. veljače u Zagrebu otvoren je još 2 dana!

Croatian Java User Association (HUJAK) is organizing one of the largest Java community conferences in this part of Europe. Our intent is to gather the majority of Java community in Croatia as well as from this part of Europe, and we also warmly welcome a lot of speakers and visitors from all over the world.

Call for Speakers is open until January 6th (extended final date)!


Dear Speakers, this is a great opportunity to tell your story, share your experience, show your results and promote your product, your company and yourself in front of other developers, software architects, and project managers, as well as media representatives, potential partners and clients. As a place of intense social networking, it may also be a natural way not only to discuss your projects and trending technologies but also to seek for new employees or find a new job in 2017!

We invite you to help us build a great conference once again and submit your talk or workshop proposal (extended final date January 6th) to get a chance to become one of the speakers at Javantura conference. If you think there is something interesting that you want to share with the rest of the community – please submit. Additionally, we strongly encourage HUJAK members to submit talks proposals – this is the easiest way to show your achievements to your community.


Proposed conference tracks include:

  • Core Java, Frameworks, and Servers
  • Web and Mobile Development 
  • Methodologies and Tools
  • Trends, Future, and Community 
  • Innovative and Creative Projects, Experiences, and Solutions

If you know someone interested we would appreciate it you could share Call for Speakers information

Information about registration and tickets will be available on Javantura website in January 2017. There will be discounts and free tickets available for HUJAK members (with paid membership for 2017) – information will be sent to existing members soon.

CroDuke “Indy” welcomes you to Javantura conference!

Sretna nova 2017. godina!

Našim cijenjenim pravnim osobama članovima HUJAK-a, njihovim prestavnicima i svim djelatnicima,
našim dragim članovima HUJAK-a fizičkim osobama, sudionicima naših konferencija Javantura i JavaCro,
našim kolegama i prijateljima i njihovim obiteljima, te svim simpatizerima Java i srodnih tehnologija,
kao i svima drugima želimo

uspješnu novu 2017. godinu!!!


Celebrate Java with “Java is what Java does”


Video (Javantura v3) – Ionic framework in production environment – Stjepan Žužul

Javantura v3 verCroDuke IndyHUJAK’s CroDuke Indy presents video and slides from Javantura v3 conference presentation:

Ionic framework in production environment – Stjepan Žužul

Ionic framework is one of the most popular hybrid mobile framework that appears in last 2 years. In this presentation we will try to show you, our challenges and problems that we solve working on app for Airline company. With hybrid development you can solve your problems really fast, but you can also stuck in a problems that you will be ask your self twice was the “hybrid way” right way to do it.



Video (Javantura v3) – Real-time BigData ingestion and querying of aggregated data – Davor Poldrugo

Javantura v3 verCroDuke IndyHUJAK’s CroDuke Indy presents video and slides from Javantura v3 conference presentation:

Real-time BigData ingestion and querying of aggregated data – Davor Poldrugo

View data in real time in Big Data environment is becoming more and more challenging. Classical transactional systems and data replication encounter more obstacles in Big Data environment. One of those obstacles is large latency between time when data entered in the system and time when data is ready for querying. In this presentation will be shown the path that Infobip has chosen to try to achieve real time in Big Data environment. Keywords: Lambda architecture, Redis.io, Apache Kafka, druid.io.



Video (Javantura v3) – ES6 – Future Is Now – Nenad Pečanac

Javantura v3 verCroDuke IndyHUJAK’s CroDuke Indy presents video and slides from Javantura v3 conference presentation:

ES6 – Future Is Now – Nenad Pečanac

EcmaScript6 or ES6, also known as Harmony, is the latest specification of the language, finalized in June 2015. Six years after the ES5, ES6 presents a significant update with numerous improvements and new features, setting a solid foundation for future 12 month release cycles and forthcoming evolution of the language.



Video (Javantura v3) – The Internet of (Lego) Trains – Johan Janssen, Ingmar van der Steen

Javantura v3 verCroDuke IndyHUJAK’s CroDuke Indy presents video and slides from Javantura v3 conference presentation:

The Internet of (Lego) Trains – Johan Janssen, Ingmar van der Steen

Last year we thought about starting a new Internet of Things project. In the end we decided to use Lego and Raspberry Pi’s to create The Internet of (Lego) Trains. There were multiple reasons for this project. We wanted to learn more about these technologies, get non-technical people and children excited about electronics and programming and have an excuse to play with Lego. The Lego trains are equipped with a Raspberry Pi, camera, wireless dongle, infrared transmitter, speaker, RFID reader and battery pack. Next to that we have automated switch tracks again with the help of a Raspberry Pi. To view the entire track we also have an overview camera connected to a Raspberry Pi. To control the trains and other parts we built a Java and AngularJS application. The Java application uses Jersey for the REST endpoints and connects with the different components. For some functionality the Java application calls C and Python code so we didn’t need to write and maintain that functionality ourselves. The application supports both manual control of the train and autopilot functionality. In this session we will explain how you can build your own Internet of (Lego) Trains. Next to that we will talk about our experiences and challenges and of course we will give a live demo!



Video (Javantura v3) – Just say it – using language to communicate with the computer – Hrvoje Šimić

Javantura v3 verCroDuke IndyHUJAK’s CroDuke Indy presents video and slides from Javantura v3 conference presentation:

Just say it – using language to communicate with the computer – Hrvoje Šimić

We are used to give commands to our computers with mice and keyboard shortcuts – even though, as programmers, we know how we can be expressive with text. Could we be more effective if we communicate with computers using language, be it natural or artificial, typed or spoken? Through examples of real-world products we’ll demonstrate the power and usefulness of verbal user interfaces.