JavaCro’21 – Call for Speakers is open!

HUJAK and HrOUG are organizing the 9th International Java Conference in Croatia – JavaCro’21, on October 10-12, 2021, in the Island Hotel Istra on the St. Andrew’s Island (Red Island) near Rovinj, one of the top tourist destinations in Croatia, where we plan to welcome more than 300 attendees and 50 sessions – and we are looking forward to your contribution.

Call for Speakers is open (until July 18)!

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we decided to move the conference to October, and we also moved back to the beautiful Red Island where we have the whole island for our conference. Although some parts of the conference could be online, we prefer the in-person sharing of knowledge and experiences with respecting all epidemiological measures. While you are there you can also extend your stay and visit the 25th HrOUG conference (on October 12-16). If you are coming by plane (or do not want to drive yourself), we will also organize bus transport from/to Zagreb.

Once again, we intend to select up to 50 high-quality sessions from speakers from this part of Europe and also welcome some world-famous speakers. This is also an excellent opportunity for you and your colleagues to submit a session proposal and present your achievements and experience in front of a large audience. Tell your story, share your experience, show your results and promote your product, your company, and yourself in front of many developers, software architects, and project managers, as well as media representatives, potential partners, and clients. As a place of intense social networking, it is a natural way to discuss your projects and trending technologies, as well as seek new partners, clients, and employees.

Proposed conference tracks / topic categories include:

  • Core Java
  • Web & Mobile
  • Methodologies & Tools
  • Technologies & Solutions
  • Trends, Future & Community
  • Best Practices & Success Stories
  • Workshops & Training

The first author of the accepted session does not pay the conference fee. All HUJAK company members will also have one conference fee free of charge and discounts on others. More detailed information on selected sessions, registration, accommodation and prices will be available in August/September, and in the meantime, you can take a look at the beautiful venue. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

We are looking forward to your session proposals and contribution – please
mark and reserve October 10-12, 2021 in your calendar for JavaCro’21!
See you in Rovinj!

Konferencija MakeIT

Od 12. do 16. listopada imate priliku sudjelovati na konferenciji MakeIT u organizaciji udruga OpenBlend i SIOUG koja se održava online, a na kojoj je prisutan i Java track s nekoliko zanimljivih Java predavanja.

Članovi HUJAK-a mogu se prijaviti, a za njih smo u mogućnosti ponuditi posebnu cijenu od 30€ + PDV.

Registrirati se možete ovdje:
i u napomenu trebate upisati: Član HUJAK-a

HUJAK i Oracle Academy zajedno obilježili 25. godišnjicu

25yearsOracle Academy i HUJAK organizirali su 22. svibnja 2020. online prezentaciju i diskusiju povodom 25. obljetnice programskog jezika Java, kojoj su prisustvovali:

  • Darko Jureković, Oracle Hrvatska, voditelj Oracle Academy programa, moderator
  • dr. sc. Branko Mihaljević, RIT Croatia, predsjednik HUJAK-a, pozvani predavač
  • prof. dr. sc. Dragutin Kermek, FOI, prodekan za studijske programe
  • dr. sc. Frane Urem, VUŠ, prodekan za poslovanje
  • Hrvoje Balen, Algebra, predsjednik Upravnog vijeća i dopredsjednik udruge HUP-UIKD
  • Ivan Delić, Oracle Hrvatska, savjetnik za Oracle Cloud
  • Mario Tretinjak, Elektrotehnička škola Zagreb, profesor
  • Milan Ramljak, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, inženjer za integraciju i verifikaciju sustava

U nastavku možete pogledati prezentaciju i diskusiju:

Happy 25th Birthday, Java!

Prije 25 godina započeo je ovaj put koji je svakim danom sve bolji – 23. svibnja 1995. godine Java je prvi puta javno najavljena na uvodnom predavanju na konferenciji SunWorld ’95.25years

Draga Java,

sretan ti 25. rođendan!

Tvoj HUJAK #MovedbyJava


Our World. Moved by Java.

Pogledajte #MovedbyJava slavljenički video:

Pogledajte i Java’s 25th Birthday Kickoff Event:

Konferencija Javantura v7 – 22.2. u Zagrebu

Dear software developers, Java enthusiasts, HUJAK members, and all others, we invite you to one of the largest Java community conferences in this part of Europe with over 300 attendees, built on a lot of enthusiasm and volunteering from HUJAK‘s members.

7th International Java Community Conference in Croatia – February 22, 2020 – Zagreb, Croatia

Javantura v7

Our intent is to gather the majority of the software development and Java-related community in Croatia and this part of Europe, and we also welcome many speakers from all over the world. Therefore, we selected

27 interesting sessions from great international and domestic speakers,
and the preliminary schedule is available

Javantura’ selected sessions include trendy topics such as The Future of Java, Quarkus, Change Data Capture, Spring Boot, Kotlin, Kubernetes, Istio, IoT, Microservices, Spring, Spring Data, ElasticSearch, GraalVM, Oracle Functions, MicroProfile, as well as real stories about managing development, building teams, distributed teams, agile methodologies, and many others.

Javantura tickets are available until February 20th
with discounts for HUJAK members and students!

We would like to say big thank you to our great sponsors: AG04KING ICT, netconomy, and RIT Croatia, as well as our friends and partners from HrOUG, Java Zagreb, Oracle, Mreža,, Entrio, Sessionize, and many others.

Additionally, this year we created the new Java Survey 2020 by HUJAK with interesting questions about our software development and the state of Java technologies in Croatia – if you have a few minutes please complete the survey! The survey results will be presented at the Javantura v7 conference and you may win one of the prizes!

CroDuke welcomes you to another great Javantura conference!

CroDuke Indy

Java Survey 2020 by HUJAK – upitnik (s nagradama)

This year we created the new Java Survey 2020 by HUJAK with interesting questions about our software development and the state of Java technologies in Croatia – if you have a few minutes please complete the survey. The survey’s results will be presented at the Javantura v7 conference and you may win one of the prizes!


The survey has six sections:

  • your experience, your education, and your work
  • programming languages (Java and other languages, and JDKs)
  • platforms and technologies (incl. various frameworks)
  • tools and editors (incl. IDEs, build tools, CIs, VCS, profilers, APMs and virtualizations)
  • other (incl. architectures, methodologies, open-source projects and volunteering)
  • conferences and speakers

This survey should not take more than five minutes of your time and the Java community in Croatia would appreciate your feedback. Thank you for supporting HUJAK and promoting the Java-related technologies in Croatia and beyond!

#16 Java Zagreb Meetup – 11.12. u HUB385

global_456778650#16 Java Zagreb Meetup održat će se 11. prosinca u 18:00 u HUB385, Petračićeva 4, Zagreb, sponzor je Beta Tau Beta, a teme su:

  • Java and Atlassian – there and back again”, Dalibor Harmina, Beta Tau Beta d.o.o.
    How can you describe end-to-end development process in 2-3 sentences? You can’t! But you can write one word that will give you a solution for this: Atlassian.
    And if you want to know how (and how Java fits into this), well, you will need to listen carefully for about 40 minutes.
  • IoT architecture of the smartest two-wheeler on the planet”, Karlo Novak, Greyp Bikes d.o.o.
    By launching a new G6 model, Greyp has raised the ladder in a cycling world. Developing an IoT system for such a complex product presents a great challenge, but with thoroughly elaborated architecture and right technical decisions we brought the G6 to the official title of the best (e-)mountain bike of 2019. How does a system powering it looks like? Where is Java in this story? Join us and find out why we’re “not a bike company” 😉

Vidimo se!

Call for Speakers – Javantura v7 – otvoren do 10.1.

Poziv predavačima konferencije Javantura v7 otvoren je do 10. siječnja 2020., a u nastavku prenosimo vijest u cijelosti:

Call for Speakers and Talks / Workshops Proposals is open until January 10th, 2020

Submit Your Talk or Workshop Proposal now!

Javantura v7

Once again, it is our pleasure to invite you to Javantura v7 – 7th International Java Community Conference in Croatia, which will be organized on February 22, 2020, in Zagreb, Croatia, EU.

This is a great opportunity to tell your story, share your experience, show your project results and promote your product, your company and yourself in front of 350+ people, including developers, software architects, and project managers, as well as media representatives, potential partners or clients. As a place of intense social networking, it may also be a natural way not only to discuss your projects and trending technologies but also to seek for new employees or find a new job.

javantura_v5 2259x1219_2

Once again, we invite you to help us build a great conference and submit your proposal to become one of the speakers at the Javantura conference. If you think there is something interesting that you want to share with the rest of the community, please submit it, as early as possible.

We expect to see most of the well known and highly respected speakers from our previous Javantura conferences, JavaCro conferences, and HUJAK’s meetups, as well as other great Java conferences in the region and worldwide. Regardless of whether you are an experienced speaker or this is your first presentation at our conferences, we invite you to submit a proposal.

Additionally, we strongly encourage out HUJAK members to submit talk proposals – this is the easiest way to show your achievements in front of your own community in Croatia. For a better chance of being selected, we highly encourage you to submit a proposal earlier than the final deadline. All authors will be contacted upon receipt of the presentation proposal according to the conference dates schedule, no later that notification of acceptance date. You can also read FAQ, and if you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Important dates

  • Final submission date – January 10th, 2020
  • Notification of acceptance – no later than February 1st, 2020
  • Presentation submission date – February 15th, 2020

Dates and deadlines could change at organizer’s discretion, please keep track of Javantura site news and this page.

Topics / Tracks

Conference topic sections (tracks) include:

  • Core Java, Frameworks, and Servers – various Java technologies, different platforms, language features and numerous frameworks for backend, desktop, and servers, as well as app servers, portals, containers, infrastructure, microservices …
  • Web and Mobile Development – technologies and frameworks regarding frontend and GUI for web and mobile, including HTML5, JS, Android …
  • Methodologies and Tools – development and other methodologies including DevOps, Agile, Scrum, Patterns, team management / organization, distributed and remote teamwork experience, as well as various tools including IDE, CD, CI, ALM, task/issue management, project management, code quality, build tools, source control, testing, security, performance, optimization …
  • Trends, Future, and Community – emerging technologies, architectures, and concepts, including trends like new languages, AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Big Data, NoSQL, Embedded, Robotics, Internet of Things…
  • Innovative and Creative Projects, Experiences and Solutions – your experiences and your knowledge put into practice

Topics could change at the organizer’s discretion.

Additional info

Official conference languages are both English and Croatian, but this is an international conference and we encourage you to present in English. All authors can submit more presentations.

All talks are expected to be more of a technical nature, not promotional or sales. It is advisable to be objective as possible and to show both the benefits and problems you may have encountered. The demonstration is always a welcome addition to any session.

By default, all talks are scheduled to 30 minutes slots with a 5-10 minutes breaks in between. If you need more time for your talk or workshop please contact us after you submit a proposal, and take into consideration that it should all fit into prescheduled time slots and synchronized with other sessions in parallel.

For more information please feel free to contact us.

Javantura v7


Konferencija – Change Con 2019 – 28.9. u Zagrebu

HUJAK-ovi višegodišnji član, kompanija King ICT, i ove godine organizira konferenciju Change Con 2019 koja će se održati 28. rujna u tvornici Kraš u Zagrebu. Ova softverska konferencija koja se održava već četvrtu godinu posvećena je enterprise rješenjima i ove godine okuplja svjetske stručnjake i regionalnu IT zajednicu. Prošlogodišnje izdanje okupilo je preko 400 stručnjaka iz IT svijeta, a novi Change nastavlja spajati IT zajednicu.


Kao i prošlih godina, osim tri tracka ispunjenih tehničkim i poslovnim temama, jedan track je rezerviran za radionice na kojima će zainteresirani posjetitelji imati priliku učiti od faze postavljanja arhitekture, developmenta, isporuke softvera pa sve do automatiziranog testiranja istog. Ovogodišnji potvrđeni predavači su:

  • Jeff Prosise, Cofounder at Wintellect
  • Ties van de Ven, Senior Software Engineer at JDriven
  • Andrea Knez Karačić, Software Developer and Architect
  • Viktor Farčić, Senior Consultant at CloudBees
  • George Mandis, Senior Web Developer & Consultant at SnapTortoise
  • Crystal C. Yan, Product Lead at Remitly
  • Antonio Cobo Cuenca, Delivery Manager at BJSS
  • Vlatko Vlahek, Co-Founder and CTO at Prototyp
  • Maciej Tredej, Senior Software Development Engineer at Akamai Technologies

radovan-aleksander_lecturerportraitOrganizatori nastavljaju uspješnu tradiciju dovođenja svjetski renomiranih predavača našoj publici, a o tome smo razgovarali s direktorom programa konferencije Aleksanderom Radovanom, koji nam je rekao: “Ove godine će nam se predstaviti Jeff Prosise, stručnjak za cloud aplikacije temeljene na Microsoft Azure tehnologiji, umjetnoj inteligenciji i strojnom učenju. Jeff će u sklopu Change konferencije održati i jednodnevnu radionicu temeljenu na Microsoft Azure tehnologiji. Poput Jeffa, vrlo čest gost najboljih konferencija u Europi, Viktor Farčić koji će također obogatiti naš program novostima vezanim uz DevOps problematiku, mikroservise, automatiziranje procesa razvoja korištenjem CI/CD i TDD metodologijama. Uskoro će biti objavljen i cjelokupni program konferencije sa svim predavačima i radionicama.”

prosise-jeff-wintellect-e1552163037868Kao što je spomenuto, Jeff Prosise će 27. rujna održati jednodnevnu radionicu Building Cloud-Based Applications for Microsoft Azure, a svi zainteresirani se već sad mogu prijaviti na radionicu. Jeff Prosise, kao stručnjak je za cloud aplikacije temeljene na Microsoft Azure tehnologiji, umjetnoj inteligenciji i strojnom učenju, suosnivač je Wintellecta, tvrtke koja se bavi razvojem softvera i obukom developera. Autor je devet knjiga i stotine članaka objavljenih u časopisima. Educirao je tisuće programera u Microsoftu te održao predavanja na nekim od najvećih svjetskih softverskih konferencija. Podučava programere kako razvijati aplikacije temeljene na cloudu s Microsoft Azure te ih upoznaje s tehnikama korištenja umjetne inteligencije i strojnog učenja. Na ovoj radionici izrađivat će se zanimljive stvari poput web klijenta koji koristi Azure Cognitive Services za dohvaćanje pohranjenih slika, te kontejneriziranu aplikaciju koja koristi modul za strojno učenje napisan u Pythonu i izlaže ga pomoću REST API-ja.

Trenutno su u prodaji dostupne early bird ulaznice za konferenciju po cijeni od 120 kuna, odnosno 60 kuna za studente. Novosti, detaljnije informacije o predavačima, programu i temama konferencije možete pratiti na službenom webu konferencije Change, Facebooku i Twitteru.

Kratki video o konferenciji

Konferencija – 24. HrOUG – 15.-18.10. u Rovinju

HUJAK-ovi dragi kolege i partneri iz udruge HrOUG, organizaraju 24. godišnju konferenciju HrOUG, najveće okupljanje Oracle zajednice u jugoistočnoj Europi, od 15. do 18. listopada 2019. godine u Island hotelu Istra na otoku Sv. Andrije (Crvenom otoku) pored Rovinja.

Konferencija HrOUG 2019 je višednevna međunarodna konferencija posvećena primjeni tehnologije u poslovanju koju već 24. put zaredom organizira Hrvatska udruga Oracle korisnika (HrOUG). I ove godine na konferenciji će se predstaviti više od 80 predavanja, Oracle Groundbreakers Tour i 20 Oracle ACE predavača, a očekuje se oko 400 sudionika.

Želja organizatora je predstaviti niz raznolikih tema zanimljivih širokom krugu sudionika te potaknuti kvalitetnu razmjenu iskustava, kao i čvršće povezivanje hrvatske IT/poslovne zajednice koja dijeli slične interese. Zanimljivost je da će konferenciju posjetiti kolege iz drugih lokalnih i regionalnih udruga i meetup grupa povezanih s primjenom tehnologija u poslovanju, a dio njih održat će i zanimljiva predavanja.

Organizatori su pripremili četiri vrhunska keynote predavanja. Prvi keynote će biti izuzetno zanimljivo predavanje Future of Humankind and of the Universe znanstvenika dr. Ivice Puljka u okviru otvaranja konferencije u utorak. Ostala keynote će se održati svakog dana po jedno, a to su: Stress Driven Development, and How to Avoid It – Dmitry Vinnik, The Basics of Machine Learning – Heli Helskyaho i What is New in the Relational Database World – Julian Dontcheff.

U programu ove godine HrOUG će ugostiti šest vrhunskih predavača iz Oracle ACE programa u okviru Oracle Groundbreaking Toura, koji će u srijedu održati aktualna predavanja (za DBA, developere i managere) upoznajući sudionike sa najvažnijim novitetima s ovogodišnjeg Oracle Open Worlda koji će se održati mjesec dana prije. Osim toga, sudionici će imati priliku čuti neke od ponajboljih govornika iz Oracle okruženja, a to su svakako Oracle ACE direktori, kojih ove godine dolazi čak deset, a osim njih, svoj dolazak je potvrdilo još desetak predavača sa statusom Oracle ACE i Oracle ACE Associate, jedan Oracle ACE Alumni. Sudionici će imati prilike čuti novosti i moći postaviti pitanje Oracle Product Managerima koji su poznati po tome koliko znaju o produktima koje pokrivaju i mogu odgovoriti i na najzahtjevnija pitanja. Naravno, osim navedenih predavača na konferenciji će predavanja održati i cijeli niz vrhunskih predavača iz Hrvatske i regije.

Prestavnici HUJAK-a će posjetiti konferenciju te održati predavanje
Software Development in Java – Today and Tomorrow.

Vidimo se u Rovinju!

Kratki promo video konferencije i lokacije

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