Popust na Java certifikaciju 35%

Prenosimo vijest o popustu na Java certifikaciju.


Terms and Conditions

This offer is valid until 12/31/2016.

Oracle Certification 35% discounted Java upgrade exam voucher is available using promotional code JavaUpgrade35 or by purchasing a discount voucher through the Oracle University website.

This offer cannot be combined with other Oracle Certification promotions or discounts. Qualifying exams must be taken within a Pearson VUE® Authorized Test Center.

Qualifying Exams included in the promotion are: 1Z0-805, 1Z0-810, 1Z0-813,1Z0-895, 1Z0-896, 1Z0-897, 1Z0-898,1Z0-899, 1Z0-804, 1Z0-807,1Z0-809, 1Z0-865, 1Z0-866 and 1Z0-867.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Upgrade to Current Versions Advance to Oracle Certified Professional Advance to Oracle Certified Expert Advance to Oracle Certified Master
Must be Oracle Certified Professional Must be Oracle Certified Associate Must be Oracle Certified Professional Must be Oracle Certified Professional
Upgrade to Java SE 7 Programmer Java SE 7 Programmer Oracle Certified Expert Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Oracle Certified Master Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect
Upgrade to Java SE 8 OCP from Java SE 7 OCP Java SE 8 Programmer Oracle Certified Expert Java EE 6 Enterprise Java Beans Developer
Upgrade to Java SE 8 OCP (from Java SE 6 and all prior versions) Oracle Certified Expert Java EE 6 Web Services Developer
Oracle Certified Expert Java EE 6 Persistence API Developer
Oracle Certified Expert Java EE 6 Java Server Faces Developer

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Video (Javantura v3) – Ionic framework in production environment – Stjepan Žužul

Javantura v3 verCroDuke IndyHUJAK’s CroDuke Indy presents video and slides from Javantura v3 conference presentation:

Ionic framework in production environment – Stjepan Žužul

Ionic framework is one of the most popular hybrid mobile framework that appears in last 2 years. In this presentation we will try to show you, our challenges and problems that we solve working on app for Airline company. With hybrid development you can solve your problems really fast, but you can also stuck in a problems that you will be ask your self twice was the “hybrid way” right way to do it.



Novi Java Champion – Simon Ritter

Prenosimo vijest o novom Java Championu – Simonu Ritteru i pridružujemo se čestitkama.

Simon Ritter has been involved in promoting Java since the release of the first official JDK, when he joined Sun Microsystems in February 1996. He started helping to drive Java adoption back in 1999 as part of Sun’s Market Development Engineering group and moved to full ­time evangelism in January 2001. He also helped to start the Java Champion program. He has been in the IT business since 1984 and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Brunel University in the U.K.

In his time at Sun/Oracle, he presented at almost all of the main Java conferences and many of the smaller ones. He has delivered Java presentations in 56 countries on six continents. In that time, Simon covered a wide range of subjects covering the launch of all Java SE versions since 1.4, Java EE, web services, SOA, Cloud, Java ME, embedded Java and JavaFX. 

At Oracle Simon took over managing the Java Evangelism team for the core Java platform, Java for client applications and embedded Java. Now at Azul, Simon continues to spread the word about Java and has become involved in new activities like the JCP Executive Committee.

Ritter has written many articles, been a track lead several times for JavaOne content reviews and created training courses like the JDK 8 Lambdas and Streams MOOC, which had 10,000 people sign up for it. He writes a Java focused blog, which can be found at azul.com/blog. Follow him on Twitter @speakjava

Java Champions are an exclusive group of passionate Java technology and community leaders who are community-nominated and selected under a project sponsored by Oracle. Learn more about Java Champions.

Aktivnosti Oracle Academy u Hrvatskoj

Prenosimo vijest iz Oracle Academy Newslettera za svibanj 2016. u kojem su opisane aktivnosti našeg partnera, lokalnog ogranka Oracle Academy, pod vodstvom Darka Jurekovića, koji uspješno surađuje s HUJAK-om.

Vezana vijest: prvi Oracle Academy dan u Hrvatskoj

Croatia Focuses on Computer Science Education

0516-world1-smCroatia is advancing computer science by introducing Oracle Academy across its schools nationwide. Since the first Oracle Academy Day event in February, Oracle Academy has been introducing educators and students to core academic computer science curriculum, leveraging vendor neutral tools and industry-leading Oracle technologies, to help make a difference in their long term education and potential career pathways.

Keystone Events

On February 12, 2016, the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing hosted an Oracle Academy Day event with Oracle Academy to bring into focus the topic of Big Data, exploring the demand for data-oriented professionals across a wide range of industries, organizations, and disciplines, and the unprecedented use of technology to support data-driven decision-making. Twenty-two additional institutions from Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina joined the event via live-streaming.

Throughout March, Oracle Academy continued to support the momentum of Croatia’s focus on computer science education. On March 14–18, 2016, Oracle Academy organized Java Foundations training for educators from Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina at the University College Algebra, Croatia. “The main value of Oracle Academy courses to us is providing students with knowledge and skills that increase their employability by making them more attractive for prospective employers in the IT industry,” Frane Urem, Ph.D, Vice Dean, Senior Lecturer, Polytechnic of Šibenik, Croaita. The next Java Foundations training is scheduled for May 9–13, 2016, at Faculty of Sciences, Split, Croatia.

On March 16, 2016, the e-Skills for Jobs initiative in Croatia was presented to the President of Republic of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, another significant milestone to increase STEM studies in Croatia. Grabar Kitarović supports the initiative because the current number of computer science graduates in Croatia does not meet the demand of the local IT labor market. The e-skills initiative will help contribute to the IT industry growth, provide a more stable labor market, and create the opportunity for Croatia’s global competitiveness in the IT sector. Oracle Academy is proud to be a member of this initiative to help more graduates enter the growing IT labor market.

On March 21–25, Education and Teacher Training Agency (ETTA) organized a national programming competition for K-12 students to coincide with the annual ICT conference. Computer science teachers from primary and secondary schools joined the event in Primošten, Croatia. Students competed in three categories of algorithms, IT basics, and application development. The winners were invited to represent Croatia at the International Olympiad in Informatics. Oracle Academy supported the conference and provided awards for the National Finals’ competition winners.

Ongoing Education

Oracle Academy will continue to support Croatia and its Oracle Academy members through a variety of free trainings for continuous learning and development of educators, including Alice and Greenfoot workshops. The workshops are ideal for teachers who have never taught computer science or for those experienced computer science educators who want to refresh their skills using the tools and techniques employed in our courses.

Video (Javantura v3) – Real-time BigData ingestion and querying of aggregated data – Davor Poldrugo

Javantura v3 verCroDuke IndyHUJAK’s CroDuke Indy presents video and slides from Javantura v3 conference presentation:

Real-time BigData ingestion and querying of aggregated data – Davor Poldrugo

View data in real time in Big Data environment is becoming more and more challenging. Classical transactional systems and data replication encounter more obstacles in Big Data environment. One of those obstacles is large latency between time when data entered in the system and time when data is ready for querying. In this presentation will be shown the path that Infobip has chosen to try to achieve real time in Big Data environment. Keywords: Lambda architecture, Redis.io, Apache Kafka, druid.io.



Video (Javantura v3) – ES6 – Future Is Now – Nenad Pečanac

Javantura v3 verCroDuke IndyHUJAK’s CroDuke Indy presents video and slides from Javantura v3 conference presentation:

ES6 – Future Is Now – Nenad Pečanac

EcmaScript6 or ES6, also known as Harmony, is the latest specification of the language, finalized in June 2015. Six years after the ES5, ES6 presents a significant update with numerous improvements and new features, setting a solid foundation for future 12 month release cycles and forthcoming evolution of the language.



Video (Javantura v3) – The Internet of (Lego) Trains – Johan Janssen, Ingmar van der Steen

Javantura v3 verCroDuke IndyHUJAK’s CroDuke Indy presents video and slides from Javantura v3 conference presentation:

The Internet of (Lego) Trains – Johan Janssen, Ingmar van der Steen

Last year we thought about starting a new Internet of Things project. In the end we decided to use Lego and Raspberry Pi’s to create The Internet of (Lego) Trains. There were multiple reasons for this project. We wanted to learn more about these technologies, get non-technical people and children excited about electronics and programming and have an excuse to play with Lego. The Lego trains are equipped with a Raspberry Pi, camera, wireless dongle, infrared transmitter, speaker, RFID reader and battery pack. Next to that we have automated switch tracks again with the help of a Raspberry Pi. To view the entire track we also have an overview camera connected to a Raspberry Pi. To control the trains and other parts we built a Java and AngularJS application. The Java application uses Jersey for the REST endpoints and connects with the different components. For some functionality the Java application calls C and Python code so we didn’t need to write and maintain that functionality ourselves. The application supports both manual control of the train and autopilot functionality. In this session we will explain how you can build your own Internet of (Lego) Trains. Next to that we will talk about our experiences and challenges and of course we will give a live demo!



Video (Javantura v3) – Just say it – using language to communicate with the computer – Hrvoje Šimić

Javantura v3 verCroDuke IndyHUJAK’s CroDuke Indy presents video and slides from Javantura v3 conference presentation:

Just say it – using language to communicate with the computer – Hrvoje Šimić

We are used to give commands to our computers with mice and keyboard shortcuts – even though, as programmers, we know how we can be expressive with text. Could we be more effective if we communicate with computers using language, be it natural or artificial, typed or spoken? Through examples of real-world products we’ll demonstrate the power and usefulness of verbal user interfaces.



Video (Javantura v3) – Spring Boot under the cover – Nicolas Fränkel

Javantura v3 verCroDuke IndyHUJAK’s CroDuke Indy presents video and slides from Javantura v3 conference presentation:

Spring Boot under the cover – Nicolas Fränkel

Spring Boot is a stack enabling you to kickstart your Spring application in a matter of minutes. It has been a resounding success among both developers already using Spring and microservices adopters. Favoring Spring Boot over the traditional Spring framework comes at a cost, though: you have to let Boot in control and some like to know everything what happens. Come to this talk to discover about auto-configuration and the different flavors of conditionals. After this talk, you’ll be able to understand Spring Boot internals and develop your own starter dependency.



JavaCro’16 sljedeći tjedan i ostale nadolazeće konferencije

Podsjećamo Vas da sljedeći tjedan HUJAK i HrOUG organiziraju 5. međunarodnu Java konferenciju u Hrvatskoj – JavaCro’16, koja će se održati 18.-20. svibnja 2016. u Hotelu Istra na Crvenom otoku pored Rovinja, a ovim putem Vas pozivamo i na druge skorašnje konferencije naših partnera, članova i prijatelja: QED, DORS/CLUC, Oracle Cloud Day, Infobip Dev Days i Shift, o kojima više donosimo niže u nastavku.

_avacro16_2Objavljena agenda s više od 55 predavanja poznatih predavača!

Za ovogodišnju konferenciju JavaCro’16 odabrali smo više od 55 kvalitetnih predavanja poznatih predavača iz Hrvatske i regije, a dovodimo i nekoliko svjetskih predavača, Java Championa i evangelista iz Java područja, među kojima su Andres Almiray, David Delabassee, Marek Kratky, Ivan Lopez, Mark Paluch, Eduards SizovsGeertjan Wielenga i mnogi drugi. Pozivamo Vas da pogledate popis predavanja, kao i predavače, a nedavno je objavljena i preliminarna agenda konferencije JavaCro’16.

Za članove HUJAK-a (pravne osobe) popust i ulaznica gratis!

Ulaznice su dostupne ovdje, a dosad se za konferenciju već prijavilo 200 sudionika, što upućuje da ove godine možemo očekivati i 300-njak sudionika. Napominjemo svim pravnim osobama članovima HUJAK-a da temeljem članstva i plaćene članarine za 2016. imaju pravo na jednu besplatnu kotizaciju (ulaznicu), odnosno posebni all inclusive paket sa smještajem s više od 50% popusta, te 10% popusta na sve ostale ulaznice ili all inclusive pakete, a dodatno svaka 6. plaćena ulaznica je besplatna. A za potencijalne pokrovitelje pripremili smo i nekoliko razina pokroviteljskih paketa.

Kako bi Vam boravak bio što ugodniji i ove godine smo pripremili all inclusive pakete koji, osim svih konferencijskih predavanja, događanja i materijala, dodatno uključuju smještaj u Hotelu Istra od srijede do petka (2 dana noćenje s doručkom) s mogućnošću korištenja bazena i wellnessa, večeru u srijedu i zabavu nakon večere, ručak i večeru u četvrtak, zabavu u četvrtak navečer, ručak u petak, te prijevoz brodom u oba smjera. Osim navedenog moguće je doplatiti single use dvokrevetne sobe te konferencijski autobus koji kreće iz u srijedu u 15:00 iz Zagreba te u petak u 18:30 iz Rovinja. Za sva dodatna pitanja obratite se izravno organizatorima.


Ovim putem predstavljamo i druge konferencije u svibnju i lipnju od naših partnera, članova i prijatelja: QED, DORS/CLUC, Oracle Cloud Day, Infobip Dev Days i Shift.

Naši kolege i članovi HUJAK-a iz tvrtke CROZ organiziraju jubilarnu 10. konferenciju QED (Quality in Enterprise Development) od 8. do 10. svibnja u Falkensteiner Hotelu Iadera u Punta Skali pored Zadra, što znači da je započela dok čitate ovaj post. Na rasporedu je 20-ak predavanja i drugih događanja, a ove godine sportski dio uključuje i sudjelovanje na utrci Wings for life World Run koji se održava u Zadru prvog dana konferencije. Osim toga CROZ 21. svibnja u edukacijskom centru Learn@CROZ organizira i natjecanje u programiranju Code Quest, a na konferenciji JavaCro’16 će i ove godine održati predavanje.

HUJAK-ove partnerske udruge HrOpen i HULK od 11. do 13. svibnja 2016. organiziraju konferenciju DORS/CLUC, 23. dane otvorenih računarskih sustava / Croatian Linux Users’ Conference, u Zagrebu na FER-u. Ovo je najstarija i najveća regionalna konferencija na temu slobodnog softvera, otvorenog koda, otvorenih normi i operacijskog sustava Linux, koja dovodi u Hrvatsku najznačajnija imena open source zajednice te promiče primjenu otvorenih tehnologija. Svi članovi HUJAK-a imaju pravo na 10% popusta na kotizacije za predavanja, a na konferenciji će sudjelovati i predstavnici HUJAK-a te tom prilikom promovirati konferenciju JavaCro’16.

I ove godine kompanija Oracle 12. svibnja u Hypo centru u Zagrebu organizira konferenciju Oracle Cloud Day, pod motom „Preoblikuj svoju sutrašnjicu“ i s glavnom temom migracije poslovanja u oblak. Predstavnici HUJAK-a prisustvovat će konferenciji i na posebnom štandu promovirati konferenciju JavaCro’16, pa nas slobodno posjetite.

Središnja tema konferencije Infobip Dev Days, koju u subotu 14. svibnja u Termama Tuhelj organiziraju naši kolege i članovi HUJAK-a iz kompanije Infobip, bit će arhitektura, metodologija i filozofija tehničke platforme koja dnevno procesira 300 milijuna poruka za klijente diljem svijeta. Osim zanimljivih predavanja šestorice Infobipovih stručnjaka, na konferenciji će predavati Michael Feathers i Dave Farley, etablirani predavači u području razvoja software-a, kontinuirane isporuke te analize i revitalizacije koda. Ulaznice su vrlo pristupačne, a predstavnici HUJAK-a će i ove godine posjetiti konferenciju, gdje će također predstaviti i konferenciju JavaCro’16, na kojoj ove godine pričaju i tri Infobipova autora.

Na kraju želimo predstaviti i konferenciju Shift koju organizira istoimena udruga, a koja će se održati 2. i 3. lipnja u HNK u Splitu. Od ove godine Shift je postao prvenstveno developerska konferencija, a organizaciju vodi tvrtka Codeanywhere, dok je član HUJAK-a agencija Five glavni sponzor. Osim same konferencije postoji i natjecateljski dio, Shift Hackathon, s nagradama čija vrijednost prelazi $150.000, a bit će predstavljen i Five Labs, u kojem će posjetitelji konferencije moći dobiti savjete iskusnih programera, dizajnera i product managera.

Ako smo neko važnije događanje preskočili, a smatrate da bi ga bilo prikladno objaviti na HUJAK-ovom webu i ostalim kanalima, molimo da nam pošaljete mail.

Srdačno Vas pozdravljamo i sa zadovoljstvom očekujemo Vašu prijavu i dolazak na najveće Java okupljanje u okruženju – JavaCro’16!





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