Java Survey 2020 by HUJAK – upitnik (s nagradama)

This year we created the new Java Survey 2020 by HUJAK with interesting questions about our software development and the state of Java technologies in Croatia – if you have a few minutes please complete the survey. The survey’s results will be presented at the Javantura v7 conference and you may win one of the prizes!


The survey has six sections:

  • your experience, your education, and your work
  • programming languages (Java and other languages, and JDKs)
  • platforms and technologies (incl. various frameworks)
  • tools and editors (incl. IDEs, build tools, CIs, VCS, profilers, APMs and virtualizations)
  • other (incl. architectures, methodologies, open-source projects and volunteering)
  • conferences and speakers

This survey should not take more than five minutes of your time and the Java community in Croatia would appreciate your feedback. Thank you for supporting HUJAK and promoting the Java-related technologies in Croatia and beyond!

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