Croatian Java User Association – CroJUA

Croatian Java User Association – CroJUA (in Croatian: Hrvatska udruga Java korisnika – HUJAK) is an non-profit association of citizens, private persons as well as representatives of legal entities, who are in their professional, scientific or professional work involved in the development or use of technologies related to the Java language and platform.

HUJAK’s web site is intentionally in Croatian because the Republic of Croatia is the primary geographic location of our members and they all speak Croatian. But we are enthusiastic to cooperate with any other individuals or firms outside of the Croatia – if you think we may have mutual interest, just sends us a message.

The primary objective of the association is to promote knowledge, interest and presence of technologies related to the Java language and platform and other related technologies, through:

  • informing about these technologies,
  • exchange of knowledge and experiences on the application of these technologies,
  • encouraging the development of application in these technologies,
  • development and improvement of cooperation between individuals and companies interested in using these technologies,
  • fostering and improving relations between partners and end users who use these technologies,
  • research, participation in the development and evaluation of these technologies,
  • improvement of IT  profession as well as ICT actors relationships in this area of activity.

For any additional information, contact form is available here.

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