Konferencija Javantura v7 – 22.2. u Zagrebu

Dear software developers, Java enthusiasts, HUJAK members, and all others, we invite you to one of the largest Java community conferences in this part of Europe with over 300 attendees, built on a lot of enthusiasm and volunteering from HUJAK‘s members.

7th International Java Community Conference in Croatia – February 22, 2020 – Zagreb, Croatia

Javantura v7

Our intent is to gather the majority of the software development and Java-related community in Croatia and this part of Europe, and we also welcome many speakers from all over the world. Therefore, we selected

27 interesting sessions from great international and domestic speakers,
and the preliminary schedule is available

Javantura’ selected sessions include trendy topics such as The Future of Java, Quarkus, Change Data Capture, Spring Boot, Kotlin, Kubernetes, Istio, IoT, Microservices, Spring, Spring Data, ElasticSearch, GraalVM, Oracle Functions, MicroProfile, as well as real stories about managing development, building teams, distributed teams, agile methodologies, and many others.

Javantura tickets are available until February 20th
with discounts for HUJAK members and students!

We would like to say big thank you to our great sponsors: AG04KING ICT, netconomy, and RIT Croatia, as well as our friends and partners from HrOUG, Java Zagreb, Oracle, Mreža, Rep.hr, Entrio, Sessionize, and many others.

Additionally, this year we created the new Java Survey 2020 by HUJAK with interesting questions about our software development and the state of Java technologies in Croatia – if you have a few minutes please complete the survey! The survey results will be presented at the Javantura v7 conference and you may win one of the prizes!

CroDuke welcomes you to another great Javantura conference!

CroDuke Indy

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