DORS/CLUC 2023 Conference on May 11-12 in Zagreb

On behalf of our dear friends, colleagues, and partners at HrOpen and HULK, we would like to call you to the DORS/CLUC conference, which will take place on May 11th and 12th in Zagreb.

For the 28th time, the DORS/CLUC conference will take place at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, and will bring together developers, system administrators, hackers and businesses.

If you are not sure whether DORS/CLUC is right for you, let us make your mind by showing this year’s rich conference program, and the amazing workshops you can attend!

This year’s keynotes: Marko Budiselić, co-founder and CTO of the Croatian open source companies Memgraph and Jeffrey A. McGuire, Open Strategy PartnersLina Ceballos project manager at Free Software Foundation Europe and Zvonimir Sabljić, the founder of another Croatian open source company – Pythagora.

Marko Budiselić is the co-founder and CTO Memgraph. Marko will give a lecture on the challenges of running a company, managing and developing open source tools in the business environment, thus describing the path of Memgraph as a company, but also as a technology.

Jeffrey A. “jam” McGuire, is a partner of Open Strategy Partners, where he helps organizations grow with the help of open source, business methods and business culture. He will give two lectures: keynote on open technologies and open source – an analytical view of success in the last 24 years, and a look into the future – further; and a second lecture on how to understand the essential technological facts of software as a tool or product, and how to apply them to create a communication plan that will increase its acceptance and use.

Lina Ceballos, Policy Project Manager at the FSFEL, advocates for software freedom, making sure that technology doesn’t undermine people’s rights. The talk will explain how policy decisions and their implementation have a major impact on free software, its ecosystem and its communities. With the help of the framework of our project “Public Money? Public code!”, FSFE advocates laws requiring that publicly funded software developed for the public sector be publicly available under a free software license. In his lecture, he will make a brief overview of previous and current EU policy topics, giving a special focus on the regulations on interoperable Europe, the need for access to the EU to be “Free Software first” and explain the key role that other stakeholders, especially civil society, must play in all this.

Zvonimir Sabljić, initiator of the project and company Pythagora, is an engineer and technological entrepreneur with a master’s degree in informatics. He founded AWW (A Web Whiteboard), which became a major player in the online whiteboard market. At the conference, they will tell what Pythagora is and how it came about for simple reasons – all software requires testing, and today automated tests are the conditions for creating scalable web applications.

Open 4 Business is a business networking event, an integral part of the DORS / CLUC conference, and is intended for everyone who is interested in establishing new business contacts, finding new projects and exchanging ideas with other experts. More information on how to participate and who will appear at Open 4 Business can be found on the conference website:

OpenDataConnected is an initiative of HrOpen members, from which the conference of the same name emerged. As part of OpenDataConnected, DORS/CLUC will feature representatives of the Dutch Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior, representatives of the Central State Office for the Development of the Digital Society, which will organize a datathon as part of the OpenDataConnected track, and Angela Baker, Data Assurance Program Lead From the Open Data Institute. More on the

You can still get your tickets here and HUJAK’s representatives will be also there!


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