Free webinar “How to build and deploy Java applications on Azure” – Nov 23 at 18h

We would like to present an interesting webinar “How to build and deploy Java applications on Azure” from MS Dev Engagement team CEE on November 23, at 18:00-21:00, and provide some info about it.

Today, more and more Java developers are looking at how they can bring their existing Java applications to the cloud — or how to build new cloud-native applications. We have been working to make it easier for you to bring your Java applications to the cloud using the tools and frameworks you love. Join our free webinar “How to build and deploy Java applications on Azure” and learn how you can build, migrate, and scale Java applications on Azure using Azure services. We have top-level Java speakers that will help you better understand how to navigate the vast options for building and deploying Java applications on Azure.

Did you know that Microsoft maintains OpenJDK build ? We bet not all of your community members are familiar with that fact as well as the number of tools and plugins in VS Code, Azure and GitHub created specifically for Java developers. This is way we have created the CEE Java on Azure Webinar so that you can hear from our Azure experts how to code, deploy, and scale Java apps. 

Join Bobur Umurzokov (Developer Advocate), Brian Benz (Senior Cloud Advocate), Steve Pincaud (Application Innovation Specialist), Ramya Oruganti (Senior Product Manager – Azure Functions) and Alex Yochev (CEE Dev Azure Product Marketing Manager Microsoft) and learn more about:

  • Our PaaS options such as Azure App Service – where you can run any JAR or WAR on top of popular application servers like Tomcat or JBoss.
  • Modernize Java Applications with Azure Spring App – a unique Azure service that provides a fully managed platform as a service solution for hosting Spring Boot microservice applications.
  • How to build serverless Java solutions using the power of serverless event-driven computing like Azure Functions.
  • How docker images with Java workloads could be deployed to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).
  • Perfecting Java CI/CD with GitHub Actions and App Service
  • Enabling reliable code delivery for the cloud with Container Apps
  • Build a real-time event-driven Java solution 
  • Build Serverless APIs with Azure Functions Kafka Extensions 

Get ready to deep dive into the practical aspects of the deployment options.

Register for the webinar here:


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