Konferencije – Agile Adria 2015

Agile Croatia newPrenosimo poziv na konferenciju Agile Adria 2015 naših kolega iz udruge Agile Croatia:

Agile Adria conference
Biggest agile event in south-eastern Europe

April 13-15, 2015
Terme Tuhelj, Croatia (Hotel Well)

Agile Adria is the biggest agile/lean conference in southeastern Europe. It is organized by Agile Croatia, one of the most active agile communities in Europe. It is a regional event, intended to gather agilests from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We focus on a great content. That’s why our speakers are all top level experts from all around Europe and US.

The second important thing that we pay attention to is networking. We want you to really enjoy during a conference, so our attendees enjoyed things like free wellness, free sauna, great hotel, party with live band etc.

Welcome to the Agile Adria conference!

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