Konferencija – Jazoon 12

Još jedna zanimljiva konferencija zove se Jazoon, a ove godine se održava 6. put u Zürichu od 26. do 28. lipnja 2012.

Jazoon 2012

Pod geslom JAZOON’12: Expand Your Reach očekuje da će kroz 80-tak predavanja pokriti širok spektar tema vezanih uz razvojne procese. Prenosimo dio njihopve priče:

The JAZOON main track offers the developer community the classic JAZOON content on programming and markup languages (Java, .net, HTML5 a.s.o.), frameworks, tools, platforms and methods, and the professional development process covering technologies for enterprise, cloud, mobile and desktop applications. JAZOON has won the most important Java, open source and Microsoft experts as speakers in recent years – a high caliber program will also be provided for 2012.

  • Novel Software Delivery Approaches: App Stores Everywhere
  • Enterprise Java and .NET: Frameworks, BPM, ESB
  • The Web Application Platform: RIA, REST, UI
  • Development Tools and Techniques: IDEs, Testing, Collaboration
  • JavaScript — The Universal Language of the Web
  • Infrastructure Technologies & Language Issues
  • Mobile Platforms: OS, Authentication, UI

SET @ JAZOON: Software Engineering Today

The well-known and established, yet for many years independently conducted,  SET conference (Software Engineering Today) will now be, for the second time, an important part of the JAZOON’12 program. SET is aimed at professionals involved in decisions regarding software development processes, methods, and technologies (e.g. IT managers, project leaders, software architects, etc.). The participants will gain an excellent overview of the state-of-the-art in modern software engineering. The main areas covered by the SET track will be as follows:

  • Agile@Scale
  • Architecture@Enterprise
  • Soft Skills@Management

I na kraju cijena – prava sitnica: 1 dan 730 CHF, 3 dana 1850 CHF.

Više o tome na Jazoon 12 – The International Conference on the Modern Art of Software.

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