Druženje – #5 Java Zagreb Meetup

Meetup grupa Java Zagreb koju HUJAK podržava, održat će 12. rujna u HUB385, Petračićeva ulica 4 u Zagrebu, već peti meetup s dvije zanimljive teme:

Dependency injection with ScalaIgor Rumiha @ Oradian

We are presenting the Scala platform by covering a topic everyone on a Java meetup should be familiar with. We will make a short recap of dependency injection on the JVM platform, and an overview of Scala communities approach to the topic. We will go through the basic constructor based injection, through the Cake pattern, macro based solutions and will finish with the functional programming approach with Reader monad.

Kotlin for Java developers, Dmitry Khomutov @ Infobip

Start of using Kotlin by migrating real project written in Java to Kotlin. Basic oKtlin idioms which allow decreasing amount of code. Features which could help to improve the solution of a problem. Useful testing approaches.

Vidimo se na meetupu!

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