Druženje – #2 Java Zagreb Meetup

global_456778650Ove godine osnovana meetup grupa Java Zagreb koju HUJAK podržava, održat će 23. ožujka u HUB385, Petračićeva ulica 4 u Zagrebu, već drugi meetup s dvije zanimljive teme koje vam donosimo u nastavku:

Scala for people who mostly like Java – Marko Elezović

So, you’ve heard of Scala, and would like to find out more.The regular information channels such as the interwebs may not be that useful, for multiple reasons. Scala is too esoteric for our local enterprises which are (de facto) driving language adoption.  So why are some companies stupid/brave enough to adopt Scala? There is a bunch of Scala zealots online who think they’ve seen the light and are writing awfully nice things about Scala.  The problem is that they are (largely) ignoring or diminishing some of Scala’s pitfalls when it comes to developing real-world line-of-business application. Or something that will end up in production. Probably running on WebSphere.

Java Puzzlers No 2. – Luka Marasović

Inspired by the success of the Java Puzzlers by Aleksandar Dostić on the first Java meetup, we continue with this practice of providing a food for thought also on this occasion. This time puzzling questions exploring mysteries and wonders of Java language will be presented by Luka Marasović. As always, come, listen, have fun, solve puzzles and check how good you do or do not know Java language.

Vidimo se na meetupu!

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