Vijest – Java SE 7 and Java SE 6 Update Release Numbers Change

Zbog izdavanja izvanrednih update-a 7u7 i 6u 35 Oracle će malo promijeniti sljedeće brojke, pa nam tako sad slijede 7u9 i 6u37.

Evo što sami kažu: Java SE 7 and Java SE 6 Update Release Numbers Change.

On August 30, 2012, Oracle released an out-of-schedule Security Alert remediating security vulnerabilities affecting Java running in web browsers. To date all Critical Patch Updates (CPUs) for Java 7 have been odd numbers (JDK 7 Update 1, i.e. 7u1, 7u3, 7u5, etc.), while limited update releases have been even numbers (7u2, 7u4, 7u6, etc.). Since the August 2012 Security Alert release required the use of version numbers originally planned for a later CPU, Oracle will increment the release number for all subsequent Java 7 and Java 6 releases by two numbers in order to continue having CPUs as odd numbers and limited updates as even numbers.

The next Java CPU release, scheduled for October 16, 2012, will be renamed to Java SE 7u9 and Java SE 6u37.

This increment in the update release number does not change the scheduled dates or content of any future releases.

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