Java SE 8 Developer Preview s projektom Jigsaw

Prenosimo post Alana Batemana oko dostupnosti Java SE 8 Preview, Developer Preview of OpenJDK with Project Jigsaw support.

We now have a download page on to host preview builds from Oracle:

This should be useful to those that want to try out Project Jigsaw and/or the current prototype of the modular JDK without needing to build it themselves.

The preview builds come in two forms:

  • “JDK modules image”. This is essentially equivalent to the normal JDK download except that everything is pre-installed as modules.
  • The other download choice is for those that wish to experiment with a ready-to-assemble JDK. The download contains an image that is a base runtime and also contains a directory of jmod packages that are the JDK modules. These modules can be installed with the included jmod tool as needed.

At this time there isn’t a download for Mac OS X, that should come soon (a small issue meant it didn’t make the initial push). Another issue is that the Solaris downloads are the 32-bit binaries only for now. As these are preview builds they will of course be issues and bugs. The main issue that people will likely run into is that crypto is currently disabled. There are also several areas in the JDK that require API and implementation changes to work as modules and that will come in time.

Thanks to Roger Yeung, David Katleman, Christine Lu from the Release Engineering team in Oracle for making these builds available. At this time we haven’t decided how often to update the bundles so it will likely be “as needed” for now.

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