Java Day at 16. HrOUG conference – announcement (na engleskom)

This year, Java topics stand out in a separate section “Java Day”. The reason for the popularity and ubiquity of use of language and the Java platform, and the organizers desire to support a joint gathering for those interested in Java. It is certain that the “wind at your back” provides Oracle’s a long-standing orientation, especially after the strategic acquisition of Sun Microsystems. The aim is broader Java community gathering, exploring the news and the possibility to exchange opinions – all in one place. Response to participate is such that “Java Day” will last several days.

Keynote lecturer, Java Champion and Oracle ACE Director M.B. Jurić will speak about the future of Java, innovations and orientation towards cloud computing. Successful examples of Java platform usage in practice include topics on web applications development for the commercial management of gas transportation, web application for measurement data, and set up of the open source based development process. There are also topics on the development on Spring MVC framework, combination of ICEfaces and Spring technologies, on common security mistakes in Java development, on best practices for Java data persistence, as well as certification and education possibilities. In workshops participants will be able to try out the development of web applications in Ajax-Java combination and also applications for Android platform.

Due to a number of important topics, there will be also an open discussion “round table”, for which we are certain that will help with the conclusions about the future of the Java environment and the necessary improvements in human resource expertise behind it all.

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